The Rivellino

The Rivellino was the military outpost of the Fortress. It was built in 1525 in order to connect the city walls. The Rivellino was one of the first building to be renovated; nowadays it is completely dedicated to the didactic activity of Ce.U.B. The Rivellino facilities are:

  • 3 classrooms, provided with: wi-fi, video-projector, microphones;
  • 1 common room area for relax and coffee break;
  • 1 computer lab provided with 20 computers (free use).

All the places of the Rivellino can be provided with different facilities according to the organisational needs of the lecturer. There are two large balconies with a picturesque scenery on the valleys, the landscape stretches to the borders with Tuscany region. The computer lab located in the former armoury is freely accessible to the Centre’s guests, but it can also be reserved for frontal lectures; the lab is also provided with projector and microphone.